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These are a few samples of our custom made wind chimes. We hand paint each wind sails at no additional charge. Prices do not include shipping and handling. If you are a TN resident, 9.25% taxes will be added. We currently accept payments by check, money order or by Square. Please contact us for more information, or to begin the creation of your custom made wind chimes: Please registered at our Contact Page. You can also follow us on Facebook. 740-507-8342

Thank you Shirley

Angelic "Monarch Butterfly Theme"

We offer you a variety of themes to choose from, or you can help us create your own. You have a large selection of colors to choose from for your cord and beads. We use a high quality aluminum for the tubes. The cord is an all weather cord - will not rot or mildew. The wood is Poplar and is stained with a Mountain Cedar.  We enjoy our wind chimes year will you.

Serene $80.00 "Double Rainbow Theme"
Whimsicle $50.00 "Red Cardinal Theme"
South Carolina Theme
Whimsicle "Squardon Theme"
Angelic $65.00 "Rooster Theme"
Angelic "Humming Bird Theme"
Angelic "TN Theme"
Serene $80.00 "Cross Theme"
Angelic "Sun Gazer Theme"
Pink Flamingo
"Tree of Life"