Chimes by B & S

Our "Chimes by B & S"Journey

When my husband Bill and I were stationed in Beaufort SC (1992-2000), we would travel to Florida to see my mother and father. In one of our many adventures together at a flea market, we bought a large set of wind chimes (currently hanging from our front porch) from a vendor. We found out she ran her business from her home. Which lead to an additional adventure for my family and I...we had to visit her home and see her workshop. We watched her make a set of wind chimes that we had purchased for my mother that day. The Wind Chime Maker had chickens in her yard that laid green eggs. How cool is that?!! That was the beginning of my dream of what I wanted to do with my next life….and maybe I could even sell them as well.

So fast forward to 2015. I was sitting in a cubicle and not very happy with the journey…

So after many discussions with my husband, I decided to resign from my job and start a new chapter…and maybe...just maybe I could make wind chimes with the help of my husband ...and he agreed. How sweet is that?!!! Thank goodness for the support of my husband, family and friends. They are the best part of the journey!!! After much research on line, we found a wonderful resource, Lee Hite. Lee Hite is truly a wonderful part of this chapter. Now we were able to begin... "Our Journey.

Bill and Shirley
Fun photo of our family and extended family July 2017 (Love this moment in time...)
"Chimes by B & S" family photo at Gatlinburg TN (Love our family!!!)
A Double Rain Bow...We are very blessed to have our family!!!!
I found our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow..."Family."

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Shirley and Ms. Gail Newbill (MY MENTOR...she makes this journey creating even better then I could have ever imaged.) "We are here for the season...for a reason."