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My husband and I would love to create a very personal and custom set of wind chimes for you or that special someone. You choose your color theme from a variety of choices we offer. We hand paint our wind sails at this time at no additional charges. (Wind chimes in above photo were made especially for our son Bobby and his family stationed overseas. See photo of him and his family on "About Us." His family is wearing blue t-shirts.)

Through our awesome journey and current adventure, we feel we have created the most beautiful wind chimes. Along the way we have encountered the most wonderful people....and we still continue to meet AWESOME people. They have and still continue to inspire us. They have helped us create the design of our "Whimsical," "Angelic" and "Serene" wind chimes. We are looking forward to sharing and creating your wind chimes with you...for "Your Journey."

Thank you Bill and Shirley

Sun Gazer II
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"Chimes by B & S"
Our great niece Carma Grace enjoying their winds chimes made by, "Chimes by B & S."

This is "Our Journey"